Acne And Hormonal Imbalances

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Acne can be triggered by hormonal imbalances. Because of this, it can happen to anyone, at any age. When not treated properly, acne can leave horrible scars. These scars become more noticeable the older you get.

There are a variety of best acne treatments available to treat these scars and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant. The most effective treatments contain vitamin E. Vitamin E has more healing powers than most vitamins. However, any creams with natural vitamins will work, as well.

Preventing scars is much easier than trying to get rid f them after they develop. The first step in preventing scars is to never pop your pimples. When you pop your pimples, or pull off pimple scabs you have a much greater chance of ending up with scars.

There is not much you can do about the hormone changes your body goes through. But there is a lot you can do help your acne without leaving scars.

According to, you need to clean your skin daily or twice daily with a good quality acne cleanser. You can use a mild exfoliating pad or cleanser to get deep down into your pores. The better you clean out your pores, the less acne you will have. Acne is caused by clogged pores. Your hormones can often cause your pores to clog up because of the excess oil produced by hormonal changes.

After you cleanse your skin thoroughly, you must close the pores and remove any excess cleanser with a skin toner. Make sure to get every part of your face, throat and neck. You may even have to cleanse down the front of your chest and back. Acne often spreads down the front and back of your body as well as all over your face.

Cleansing and toning dries out your skin, which is what you want it to do, but some of this moisture has to be put back. Moisturizer your skin after cleansing. Moisturizing will replace some of the hydration you have taken out, plus add nutrients to your skin. The more nutrients you put into your skin, the better chance it has to fight off acne.

If you have a very severe case of acne, you may have to cleanse your skin three times a day. The more often you have to cleanse your skin, the gentler the products you use should be. Over scrubbing or using harsh cleansers will make your acne worse. The idea is to heal your skin and prevent scars, not make the condition worse.

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